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What Our Members Have to Say...
What Our Members Have to Say...
  • I went for my second workout tonight.  I'm very happy that the gal was so helpful because I forgot what she taught us last week as a group.  I must  say that she made me feel really special since I forgot how to use the machines.  If she hadn't been there, I'm sure I would have gone back home and cancelled my membership. I'm on my way now and hope to be able to use many sections of the Forum.  I'm sure I did the right thing in joining your group. It is true there are many different gyms around our area, but if you have personnel who are willing to make sure people get off practicing the right way, I'm sure the Forum will continue to get many members. Most of my friends live in Livonia, but I will encourage them to consider the Forum.
  • Only about four weeks after I joined Forum Fitness and began my ActivTrax program (13 workouts), I've already seen signs of significant improvement in my strength and health.  For many years, I've done hard, physical labor in my yard during the summer, in part for the benefits of the exercise.  But this summer, I've found my usual yard work more tiring than in the past (I'm now age 69), and I couldn't do as much in any given day.  But last week, between workouts at Forum Fitness, I did an entire day of strenuous work in my yard (mowing with a pushmower, edging, clipping and weeding the garden) and never felt tired at all! Clearly, my strength and endurance are already much improved.  Thanks, Forum Fitness!
  • I cannot begin to tell you how happy and excited I am each day about working out since I've joined your Fitness Center. Thanks for the e-mail and happiness and good health to U!  
  • The club has come a long way from when you took it over. It's a wonderful health club that I feel rivals others in the area. 
  • Love it. Was going to quit until you took it over. The improvement was immediate.  I love that I can come in and work out and not be judged. Everyone is really helpful. 
  • I do like the staff and the classes. I would like to have a Thai Chi class on Tues or Thurs night.  I like the music in the early morning(6AM) when I am there. I also like it that your hours of service are convenient for my schedule.
  • Like it, good atmoshpere that doesn't seem to presure u. A Vesaclimber would be awesome for the cardio though. 

  • I have to thank Jeff and Tom for the best place to come and workout and Mary and Tammy for all their help plus some very encouraging and helpful members that helped me get from depending on a walker when I joined 3 months ago to where I am now, free of my walker and care and doing fine. The FORUM has been the most help to me, I come in and do a workout in the morning and walk in the pool after. I then usually walk the 1/2 mile home.  I don't think I would of got where I am by now if not for the Forum and everyone here. I can't thank you enough. I hope just seeing the smile on my face and knowing you and this fine place have helped me get back on my own two feet. The Forum is the Best. 
  • It is great. Great Staff!!!! Stacy Kelly and Tammy are the Best.  I love how its not too crowded and there are many rooms.  The Forum is wonderful, we should have joined a long time ago
  • I belonged to the Forum years ago...by cleaning it up, it has improved dramatically!! Your classes are fantastic!! 
  • I like the atmosphere. Friendly staff and members. Very supportive. Classes are great.  
  • I like the club. It really motivated me and the Activetrax helped me learn the machines. Very impressed. Like how I am not bothered and can work on my own. 
  • Good club i have recommended it to other people.
  • I have been with you people since you started and have worked out at the Forum since 1985 off and on in the summers. The changes you have made to the club are remarkable. The new equipment you put in on the east end is comfortable and is great for strength training. It also seems to be easier on the joints than the old equipment.
  • The club is nice (clean, nice customers, and good size locker rooms).  I like the new machines. I like that it is quiet and usually not very busy. I like the saunas and pool. The classes you offer are good. You have alot of cardio machine that are good (i.e. rowing machines)
  • It's convenient and comfortable.  I enjoy it very much. 
  • Your club is very inviting with a friendly, helpful environment. You offer many options at no cost that are beneficial to your members.  I love the atmospere, warm & friendly...love the classes, great upbeat music.
  • It feels like a family. There are some classes that are challenging and others that are not, however each member has their preference. I'd like to see an additional step class on Thursday, Friday or maybe Saturday morning.
  • I really appreciate the friendly staff, and the fact that the classes are included in the membership fee. I also like that you have a wide range of equipment to work with.  You guys rock ! 
  • I like the gym. The number of classes is great. The atmosphere is good. 
  • The staff is friendly, and I am not intimidated by the club. Its nice to be always be greeted with a warm hello :-)  Everyone is really friendly and I enjoy coming here. 
  • This is a great neighborhood gym. The people are friendly and no one's there to impress anyone else.  Any Gym can get you thru the door, But it is the staff that brings you back. And you have the staff that does!!! It is hard enough just to get motivated to work out, The welcoming staff helps take the edge off. 
  • Over all I like it. It's close to home and clean.
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