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Spinning: Join the Ride!

There's a reason you loved to ride your bike as a kid. Experience the same exhilaration you felt back then and get the health and fitness benefits you need now that you're all grown up. 

A revolutionary workout for all fitness levels using a high-tech stationary road bike.  Riding is done in a group, with one exception YOU are in charge of your ride!!!  It's what YOU put into it!!  Want more of a challenge add more resistance, increase your pace and keep breaks to a bear minimum. 

On a day a YOU don't feel like going all out, then back off ride at YOUR OWN PACE!!  It's that easy!  The instructor leads you on a ride of climbing, running, jogging, sprinting, flat roads; "surprise" inclines, to all different types of music.

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    34250 Ford Rd.  |  Westland, MI 48185  |  (734) 729-7000  |  Info@ForumFitnessCenter.com